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We are proud to offer the book FROM REGIONAL CLUSTERS TO GLOBAL NETWORKS, both in physical and e-book versions. This work is written by the CEO of the Brazilian Network of Certification, Research and Innovation, Marcelo Estrela Fiche, together with its International Director, Maurício Araquam de Sousa, renowned experts in the field.

In this new book, instead of simply opposing the new Chinese expansionist policy "One Belt One Road Initiative", which aims to boost cooperation and connectivity between different countries through a land route, the so-called "Economic Belt of the Silk Road", and an oceanic route, the so-called "Maritime Silk Road", Professor Mauricio Sousa argues that the European Union should begin formulating strategies to expand parts of its industries' production processes to new markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, in partnership with business groups from those countries.

Take the opportunity and buy it today!

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