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Ibero-American Observatory to Support Technology Transfer, Training, Innovation and Social Intervention

The Brazilian Network for Certification, Research and Innovation, through its Innovation Council, implemented the Ibero-American Observatory to Support Technology Transfer, Training, Innovation and Social Intervention, to accelerate innovation and research in the local, regional, national context and international.

Observatory Objectives

Main goal

Support knowledge centers, scientific and technological institutions, national and international public and/or private institutions, companies, associations, individuals and other institutions, strengthening intellectual property and innovation management at national and international levels , acting to increase the competitiveness of the national and international economy.


  • Promote innovation;

  • Promote the development of projects and actions aimed at strengthening intellectual property management as an instrument of technological innovation in the various national and international segments;

  • Encourage technology transfer and training of human resources;

  • Bring together leading researchers in knowledge production in different areas of knowledge. This meeting of researchers will be able to respond to the challenges of stimulating scientific development, research, scientific and technological training and national and international innovation, through measures to promote scientific and technological activities as strategic for economic and social development , promotion of cooperation and interaction between public entities, between the public and private sectors, between national and international companies and national and international educational, research, extension and technological extension institutions through the Ibero-American Observatory for Transfer Support of Technology, Training, Innovation and Social Intervention, located in the Brazilian Network for Certification, Research and Innovation – RBCIP; and

  • Detail the Laboratories linking them to their respective structures, either linearly or transversally. The transversal perspective intends to give dynamism to the activities, making innovative procedures flow, as well as innovations of different natures. The challenge proposed by the Transfer of Technology and Intellectual Property, materialized in this action, offers something welcome, namely, promoting the strengthening of national and international innovation agencies, national and international public bodies and research in different areas. The products will be structuring elements of the Laboratories that, during the action, will have new components and models, being thus modernized by the results of an enormous cooperative effort between researchers and Institutions involved.



The observatory model was structured in accordance with the guidelines of the Framework for Science, Technology and Innovation (Law 13.243/2016), thus, this procedure is essential for several reasons, among which we highlight some, namely:

  • Linking the University to the production of innovation with a view to contributing directly to governments at all levels;

  • Involve the structure of the University with innovation in academic units that historically have not produced innovation; and

  • To be an efficient and effective alternative for governments, at their different levels, and service providers that meet them.

laboratory of

The Support Laboratories are environments created and institutionalized to strengthen the development of projects and improve their research and delivery. 

The Ibero-American Observatory to Support Technology Transfer, Training, Innovation and Social Intervention is composed of the following laboratories:

  • Biodefense Laboratory and Active Mapping of Communicable Diseases;

  • Laboratory to Support Innovation in Basic Education in Brazil;

  • Citizen Innovation Laboratory;

  • Digital Induction Laboratory for the promotion of Innovation Rural Ecosystems;

  • Technology Transfer Laboratory for Governments;

  • Internationalization Accelerator Laboratory;

  • Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategic Management Laboratory;

  • Laboratory for the Promotion of Innovation in the Regulation and Assessment of Technological and Higher Education;

  • Innovative Strategies for Tourism Laboratory;

  • Innovation Ecosystems Laboratory for Culture and the Environment; and

  • Health Education and Work Management Innovation Laboratory.

The Laboratories have in their composition researchers and representatives of public and private entities in the most diverse areas of knowledge, designated through a specific ordinance issued by RBCIP and/or other partner institutions.

Diplomatic body

The Observatory has in its composition a Diplomatic Corps of renowned Researchers, this meeting of Researchers will be able to respond to the challenge of establishing a coordinated and integrated action in which specific knowledge will be treated in order to build a whole, which materializes in the Observatory and, in turn, in the expansion of innovation ecosystems, developed to fulfill the strategic mission of the Ibero-American Observatory to Support Technology Transfer, Training, Innovation and Social Intervention, in Brazil or abroad.

Executive Board


honor president


Technical Chamber for Technology Transfers for Innovation Ecosystems

Technical Members

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