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First green hydrogen plant in RS will be launched by RBCIP and Aliança da Inovação

The Brazilian Research and Innovation Network (RBCIP), in the Rio Grande do Sul branch, in partnership with the universities participating in the Innovation Alliance (Unisinos, PUC-RS, UFRGS), will produce the first green hydrogen pilot plant from photovoltaic, wind energy and energy from the state's GRID (national integrated energy system).

The group, in partnership, created REDLABSUL, integrated multi-user laboratories, which promoted the creation of the Center for Technological Development in renewable energy and hydrogen (CDT-ERH), the first laboratory of the Network, located in the Technological Park of PUC, it will be a study center and will have the first pilot hydrogen plant in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

“It will be different from all that already exist in Brazil, because it is a pilot plant that, in addition to producing hydrogen from photovoltaic energy, wind energy and GRID energy, will also carry out studies with the integration of the three”, explains Marcelo Fiche, president of RBCIP.

The Center will also carry out studies of routes for hydrogen, “We are building the hydrogen plant so that within the Center studies are also carried out on important routes for hydrogen: synthetic gas, green diesel, called HVO, green methanol, green ammonia, green fertilizers,” said Fiche.

In addition, the center will also carry out EVTEA studies – of technical, economic and environmental feasibility.

The objective of the three universities and the RBCIP is to make the CDT-ERH a center of excellence in green hydrogen research in the south of the country, so that private companies can develop their research in partnership, and even be used by academia local and national.

The CDT-ERH will be operated by RBCIP in attracting and managing projects to speed up research.

More information about the project can be obtained from:

RBCIP +55 61 3039-7776 & 61 9 9811-9986

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