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International Working Group is established to promote certification and regulation of H2V

The Brazilian Certification, Research and Innovation Network (RBCIP) announced the establishment of the International Working Group for certification and regulation of green hydrogen in Brazil and Mercosur. The GT-HV is constituted by renowned national and international experts, bringing together a diverse and experienced team.

The GT-HV's main objective is to promote studies, research, proposals, and actions related to certification and regulation of green hydrogen in Brazil and Mercosul. With a period of 10 months to develop its activities, the group will conduct conduct an analysis of existing standards, proposing specific measures for the regulation of green hydrogen in the region. In addition, the GT-HV will establish guidelines for the certification of processes and products related to green hydrogen, aiming to promote the sustainable development of this important energy source.

The creation of this International Working Group reflects the RBCIP's commitment to promote the certification and regulation of green hydrogen, seeking to exchange knowledge and experiences with international experts. Through reports and recommendations, the GT-HV will contribute to the advancement of this technology in Brazil and Mercosur, strengthening sustainable development and the transition to a cleaner energy matrix.

For more information about the RBCIP and activities, access the official website at or contact by e-mail

Press contact:

Name: Marcelo Estrela Fiche

Position: Member of the Group and RBCIP President Director


Consult the Ordinance here:

Portaria_01.23_-_GT-HV_RBCIP vsfinal EN
Download PDF • 89KB

About RBCIP:

The Brazilian Certification, Research and Innovation Network (RBCIP) is an institution committed to the promotion of certification, research and innovation in several areas, aiming at sustainable development and the improvement of the population's quality of life. Headquartered in Brasília-DF, RBCIP acts as a national and international reference in certification and regulation of innovative technologies.

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