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Observatory of the production and use of Green Hydrogen - Project Objective 1:The aim of this research project is to explore the main challenges and opportunities in regulating green hydrogen, with a focus on ensuring its safety, efficiency and positive environmental impact. Through this analysis, we aim to provide a solid theoretical framework, guides and reports that support the effective regulation of green hydrogen, promoting its growth and maximizing its benefits.

Center for Research and Technological Development in Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen in DF - Project Objective 2:This applied research project aims to develop and implement a Technological Research and Development Center in Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen in the Federal District. The Center will be a catalyst for innovative projects in the area of clean energy, facilitating the technological application of new businesses and socio-environmental ventures. The research hypothesis is that the Center will accelerate the innovation and adoption of renewable energy and green hydrogen technologies, resulting in economic, social and environmental benefits. The project is based on theories such as the National Innovation System and the Triple Helix Model

Monitoring Green Hydrogen Regulation - Project Objective 3: Develop several products, such as a theoretical framework for green hydrogen regulation, activity reports, a guide for debating a green hydrogen policy and strategic studies on the large-scale implementation of green hydrogen in Brazil. Comprehensive regulation of green hydrogen is critical to achieving these goals, and the project aims to contribute to the development of effective regulatory policies and standards. 

Development of the Strategic Plan for the Itaguaí Hydrogen Hub  - Project Objective 4: Assist in the implementation, at the Port of Itaguaí, of pilot plants, research centers and production units for the development of technologies linked to energy generation and sustainable fuels. Technical-Financial Feasibility Study. Prospecting for off-takes, suppliers and other infrastructure.

Strategic Plan for the Development and Integration of a Green Hydrogen Hub in Roraima - Project Objective 5: Create an ecosystem conducive to research and development in green hydrogen and renewable energy. This will be achieved by encouraging the acceleration and pre-incubation of startups and local companies that support industrial development aligned with renewable energy and green hydrogen policies.

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