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Foster and promote teaching, scientific research, technological, institutional, regional and national development.


To become a science and technology institution (ICT) that is a reference in project management, with credibility and administrative excellence.


Integrity, Ethical Behavior, Social and Environmental Awareness,
Commitment to the integral development of the human being

The Brazilian Network of Certification, Research and Innovation - RBCIP is a civil association with legal personality under private law, with no economic ends, statutory and legally framed as a scientific, technological and innovation institution (ICT) by the law 13.243/16)

RBCIP is headquartered in the city of Brasília, Distrito Federal, at SCN Q. 2 BL D, Torre B, room 731, Asa Norte, Brasília-DF, CEP 70712-904, and venue in Brasília, Distrito Federal.

The membership of the RBCIP is formed by effective associate members and founding associates, and its assets made up of 


all the assets and rights that you are entitled to and those that you may have, in the exercise of your activities, in the form of remuneration for services rendered, school fees, grants, management contracts, contributions and donations, bequests and acquisitions, free and clear of encumbrances

The sources of funds for the maintenance of the RBCIP will consist of contributions from members, the remuneration earned for the provision of services indicated in Article 4, the provision of services contracted or agreed with other entities, donations and assistance from individuals or legal entities. , private or public, and by the income produced by your assets.


The Brazilian Certification, Research and Innovation Network is managed by the following technical staff:

Executive Board

Marcelo Estrela Fiche


Cristian de Oliveira Lobo Campos

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Arthur Mesquita Camargo

Director of Administration and Finance


Paulo Henrique Silva Gurgel

Legal manager

José Eduardo Pires Campos Júnior

Project Manager

Board of Directors

  • Hercules Antonio do Prado

  • Mac Amaral Cartaxo

  • Eduardo Moresi

  • Gilberto Clovis Josemin

  • Márcio Leão Coelho

  • Substitute Mário de Oliveira Braga Filho


Board of Directors

  • Walmir Gomes de Sousa

  • Eder Carlos Caetano de Almeida

  • Edilson Ferneda

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