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The RBCIP International Green Hydrogen Mission visited BIAS.

On the third day of the International Green Hydrogen Mission, participants left the hotel in Hamburg at 8:10 am and headed to Bremen, about 120 km away. There, they visited two important research centers focused on new technologies and materials engineering for hydrogen energy production and transportation.

The first visit was to Fraunhofer IFAM, where participants had the opportunity to learn about new applications of hydrogen in mobility, as well as other technologies being developed in the field. The research center is a reference in Europe for technological innovation and works in partnership with several industries.

Next, the delegation visited the BIAS Institute of Applied Beam Technology, where they were able to learn about laser technology applications in hydrogen industrial processes. The institute is responsible for developing solutions in electron beam and laser technology for several industries, including the hydrogen industry.

After the visits, the delegation headed to a lunch/coffee at Outlet Ochtum Park, located on Bremer Strasse, Stuhr, about 16 km away. The day ended with the return to the hotel in Hamburg, after a 120 km trip.

The International Green Hydrogen Mission aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and technologies in green hydrogen among countries. The event includes the participation of representatives from companies, governments, and institutions from various countries, who seek to strengthen the green hydrogen industry on a global scale.

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