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RBCIP will participate in LabCrie

On October 16, the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, launched the Laboratory of Creativity and Innovation for Basic Education (Labcrie) program, an initiative aimed at training teachers in technological teaching tools.

The initiative, carried out in partnership with the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS) and the Brazilian Network for Certification, Research and Innovation (RBCIP), is aimed at the continuing education of public school teachers in basic education in innovation and technologies educational.

Fotos: Luis Fortes/MEC

The tool was designed to encourage teachers and managers to expand the educational use of technologies. In addition to the stimulus, LabCrie aims to train education professionals, relying on the help of methodologies aligned with the concept of experimentation and active learning. It also allows for exchanges and learning between users. The Minister of Education reinforced that the laboratory is to encourage innovation and creativity in basic education.

During the launch, the secretary of Basic Education, Mauro Rabelo, stated that the action is to reinforce MEC's ​​commitment to teachers. LabCrie was created within the Directorate of Teacher Training and Appreciation of Education Professionals of the Secretariat of Basic Education (SEB) and will have a total investment of R$ 17 million.

All states and the Federal District will be able to join LabCrie and receive a fully furnished and equipped laboratory, containing notebooks, projectors, printers, electronics and robotics kits, among other equipment and supplies.

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The President of RBCIP, Marcelo Estrela Fiche, highlighted the national importance of the project and places more responsibility among researchers. The Project is yet another initiative developed from the special committee created through Ordinance No. 1.240-RTR/UFMS.

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