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RBCIP participates in the MobTech project - FAP/DF

Mobtech will train low-income population in technology

The Federal District Research and Innovation Support Foundation (FAP-DF) opened selection for projects aimed at creating Mobtech, an itinerant training program in robotics, programming and new technologies. The initiative is carried out in partnership with the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of the DF (Secti) and seeks to promote inclusion and digital connectivity in peripheral and low-income areas in the Federal District. Call 003/2021 of the DF Challenge Program is open until September 10th and has a budget of up to R$ 2,700,000.00.

In addition to increasing connectivity and promoting digital inclusion, Mobtech pursues other goals, such as improving socioeconomic, employability and educational performance indices.

RBCIP is among the two finalists in the project:

The President of RBCIP and Project Coordinator, Marcelo Estrela Fiche, recognizes that this is one of the main projects of the Network and will use innovative assessment tools, in addition to serving as an example project for other states:

"The project team has the highest standards. We are sure that this project will serve as a model for many other states" - reinforced the president, Marcelo Estrela.

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