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RBCIP joins Brazil-Germany Alliance

The Brazilian Network of Certification, Research and Innovation (RBCIP) has joined the Brazil-Germany Green Hydrogen Alliance. Now, RBCIP is among the main actors and stakeholders in Green Hydrogen in Brazil. The President of the Network, Marcelo Estrela, evaluates that the entry of the network on the portal is favorable and will allow RBCIP to reach new partners.

The Brazil-Germany Green Hydrogen Alliance Portal is a space intended to provide information on clean and renewable energy from green hydrogen, which will become increasingly important in the energy future of Brazil and the world.


In addition to being an informative space, the portal is also a meeting place for key stakeholders such as governments, industries, universities, and non-governmental organizations. The idea is to facilitate the development of high-impact projects in green hydrogen and PtX technologies, as well as promote the expansion of the market in Brazil and Germany.

The fact that RBCIP is registered as a company in the Brazil-Germany Green Hydrogen Alliance Portal is a testimony to its relevance in the research and innovation sector in the country. RBCIP is an organization committed to promoting company and product certification, as well as research and innovation for sustainable development.

The participation of RBCIP in the Brazil-Germany Green Hydrogen Alliance Portal is an important step towards promoting green hydrogen and other clean technologies in the country. The initiative is essential for sustainable development and the transition to a low-carbon economy. RBCIP can be accessed through the link


RBCIP is promoting a unique experience in Brazil for energy sector executives and authorities. In April, the 2nd international mission to Germany will be held to allow interaction, exchange of experiences, and networking between Brazilian authorities, companies, developers, and German authorities. The mission also aims to demonstrate new concepts and technologies for the production, transportation, distribution, and application of green hydrogen and its derivatives.

According to RBCIP's President, Marcelo Estrela Fiche, "the international mission is a unique opportunity for our partners and guests to get up close with hydrogen development projects in Germany, as well as to interact and network with companies, developers, and German authorities who are at the forefront of this technology."

The President highlighted that this event is an innovation in Brazil and only RBCIP is doing it, and we are confident that it will be a success. We are very pleased to lead this initiative and we are excited to see the impact it will have on the industry and on the scientific and technological development of our country.

Green hydrogen is considered a source of high potential energy and a disruptive energy alternative for the future. It is seen as indispensable for decarbonizing the economy and can be used as a means of energy storage. Brazil has an important role to play in the fight against climate change and has great potential to become a powerful producer of the raw materials necessary for the production of green hydrogen. Currently, all major projects under analysis in the world involve the use of this technology.

At the end of the mission, participants will be able to act as effective business developers, stimulating the industry and scientific and technological development of the country, in the context of the new global market for green hydrogen, whose applications are expanding every day, both in the academic environment and by global leading companies in this sector.

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