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RBCIP's International Green Hydrogen Mission: Second day of visits in Germany.

On the second leg of the International Green Hydrogen Mission, the Brazilian representatives had a packed schedule of visits to companies and institutions working with green hydrogen-related technologies and projects.

The first visit of the day was to the Dello agency in Hamburg, where challenges and solutions for the necessary infrastructure to implement green hydrogen projects were presented. The team had the opportunity to see up close the innovations and technologies being developed in the region to make green hydrogen production and distribution viable.

Next, the team was received at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, where the HY-5 project and hydrogen import projects in Bremen were presented. The presentation showed how the region is preparing to become an important center for the production and distribution of green hydrogen, aiming to contribute to the global energy transition.

Still in Bremen, the team visited ECOMAT/Airbus, where they could see firsthand the production of materials and technologies for lighter and more sustainable airplanes. It was an opportunity to understand how the aerospace industry is working to make air travel cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

To end the day, the team took a tour of the historic center of Bremen, getting to know a little more about the local culture and history.

The International Green Hydrogen Mission aims to learn about the best practices and ongoing projects in Germany, in order to create partnerships and business opportunities for Brazilian companies looking to invest in green hydrogen and other renewable energy sources.

The team continues their schedule of visits and meetings in search of knowledge and innovative solutions for the future of renewable energy in Brazil.

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