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RBCIP celebrates consortium with UFMS and FAPEC around project with UNDP

On September 29, the RBCIP held an online meeting to celebrate the consortium signed between the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UF-MS); the Foundation to Support Research, Education and Culture (FAPEC); and the Brazilian Network for Certification, Research and Innovation (RBCIP). The consortium's objective is to develop a training and training methodology for managers of social organizations and agents of social transformation that work in the area of ​​promotion and defense of the human rights of children and adolescents for the United Nations Program.

Representatives of the entities participated in the occasion: the Project's general coordinator, national coordinator of the Interlegis network, and also a professor at UnB, Bernardo Kipnis; the president of the Council of the Foundation for the Support of Research in Education and Research (FAPEC), Luciane Coimbra; the dean of (UFMS), Marcelo Augusto Santos Turine and the president of RBCIP, Marcelo Estrela Fiche, among others.

“This meeting celebrates a very valuable partnership between the entities”, declared Arthur Mesquita, Administrative Director of RBCIP, who mediated the meeting.

Afterwards, the floor was opened to the dean of UFMS, Marcelo Turine. The dean celebrated yet another partnership between the University and RBCIP and considered it to be of great value and hopes that the consortium will generate good results for the entire community involved.

Bernardo Kipnis, who said how happy the bid was won with the joint work between the entities involved. “This project is part of a larger plan of the National Secretariat for the Rights of Children and Adolescents with the UNDP in terms of international cooperation, to establish national training schools depending on the themes. I congratulate the whole team because the proposal was made in a short time, I have no doubt that we will be successful. We will present quality work, which undoubtedly opens doors with the UNDP and with the National Secretariat for the Rights of Children and Adolescents”.

“I understand this project within a strategic concept. There may be developments and opportunities. For me, this is another experience of working outside UnB, mainly through the Network, I believe we will be able to progress in the partnership in works” added the professor.

“I consider this consortium of great importance, for us it is a great pride, I hope that we are successful at the end of these six months of carrying out our actions in a folder as important as that of children and adolescents. And I make the university available”, said the dean of UFMS.

Marcelo Estrela Fiche stated, “the objective is that networking cannot be restricted to the GDF”. “It is important to move forward, in the search for good partners to finalize an interaction protocol”, citing, as an example, the UFMS.

Marcelo Fiche highlighted the commitment of the RBCIP and UFMS team, when the contract was won, as a result of fulfilling the requirements of the UNDP in its Notice. “To my colleagues at the RBCIP, I say that what made me most happy was the realization of a thematic work, not restricted to networks, such as this one in education and health”.

"In other words, with the partnership of universities here and others from other states and government entities, such as the Federal Public Ministry, we aim to help the country in scientific, technological development, and in all areas, cultural, health, education . I hope that this work bears much fruit for society, especially in this issue of children and adolescents at this time of pandemic, in which the country is experiencing a generalized crisis, which reflected in health, education, Economy, generating unemployment that greatly altered the lives of families Brazilian companies”, concluded the President Marcelo Estrela.

Finally, Marcelo Estela Fiche revealed to the participants new works being carried out by the Network, such as the Artificial Intelligence for Fiscal Execution, “another Notice to be won”.

Luciane Coimbra declared her satisfaction in the relationship with the Network and with the UFMS, and her work with the UNDP. “We did a short-term job for this tender and now we have a deadline to work together and present good results, and so they will be. We have a qualified and committed team, so we are well equipped with responsible professionals who will solve this work together with UNDP”.

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