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RBCIP celebra parceria com o Google

The Brazilian Network for Certification, Research and Innovation (RBCIP) celebrates its partnership with Google. Through the social project, Google for nonProfit in Latin America, RBCIP went through the selection process and will now be able to take advantage of technological solutions to face major challenges.

Through this partnership, RBCIP will be able to collaborate more efficiently with its social and scientific projects, using smart and secure business apps, such as Gmail, Documents, Calendar, Drive and Google Meet.

This measure is particularly important to improve communication and processes developed together with RBCIP partners.

The President of RBCIP, Marcelo Estrela Fiche, praised the achievement and said that this is the result of the performance of the Executive Board on behalf of members and the improvement of the Network's governance actions. The Financial Director, Arthur Mesquita, emphasizes to the associates that this partnership will provide an improvement in the distribution of resources for the Chain's final actions.

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